About Us

Born out of necessity, but built to last, gbelts is a Southern California-based belt line geared toward the active, style-conscious man. gbelts founder, Roderick McDaniel, was inspired by the golf lifestyle and fashion from the first moment he stepped on the course. The only aspect rivaling his love for the game is probably his love for accessories. Although golf fashion has evolved throughout the years, giving rise to bolder colors, sleeker designs and a range of accessories, Roderick felt there was something missing when it came to golf belts.
With gbelts, he wanted to fill that gap by creating high-quality, long-lasting belts with an understated, cool style. Crafted from unique, hand-picked leather from all over the world, gbelts are an affordable way to accentuate your style. You’ll want to wear this belt everywhere. Since gbelts are inspired by golf – not limited by it – you can.